Saturday, June 03, 2006


"here's my chance to just take the time
just relax and try to unwind... something's stressing me everyday
gotta get some music,unplug the phone, chill for real cos' i'm now at home....gotta get away..."

-Lashell Griffin

+ + +

Some of my favourite finds during the week:

Pandora gives me some refreshing music choices, not to mention great insights on 'dem artists. LOL.

My lovely "wapak!" black heels, a find in the marikina shoe expo, which give me height (3 inches more) and a lotta conversation starters.

McDonald's milkshakes!!! They're back and blessed be, the outlet five minutres away from my office is finally open AND selling them. oh happy day!


hlF said...


there is a god.

Mangoes and Papayas said...

ohmigosh, saang branch merong strawberry milkshakes?!?! Is it still better than DQ's?

wanderlust junkie said...

herb: yes, there is!!!!!!! and his/her name is mickey d's. hehehe

Manils: meron so far sa greenhills Mcdo, The one in Jaka Bldg. and glorietta, and the sure fire one in the ortigas area (st. francis ba yun?) milkshake date tayo minsan!!!

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